Maps of power production

Power production (MWh) is calculated for each average month and for the average year using the power curve assigned to the WinWind WWD-3, 3 MW wind turbine. The hub height is expected to be same as the altitude above sea level or at average ground level, for which the 3-hour wind speed is calculated using the numerical weather prediction model AROME.

The variation in air temperature, air pressure or in density of air is not taken into account; instead, the constant value of 1.225 kg/m3 for air density is used. The cut-in speed for this turbine is 4 m/s, the nominal power of 3030 kW is reached at 12.5 m/s, and the cut-off speed is 25 m/s. The rotor is three-bladed, the rotor diameter is 90 m, and the rotor area 7853 m2. The turbine is pitch controlled.